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  • I have the same issue . I try to export it on android debug mode then install it on my phone and got the same result.Have you tried putting audio on your app it looks like I'm having the same issue regarding implementing the audio plugin.In audio case whenever I checked the preload sounds the game just stop loading on the splash screen but after unchecking the preload the game loads but the background music and some audio seem to be not playing right.

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  • I’ve had audio from day one - never had an issue until adding MobileAdvert object.

  • Thanks Bootfit I'm taking a look now. ihvan020 your issue may not be related, let us review the bugs first. We'll update you both via github when we've diagnosed the issues.

  • ##Introduction##

    So I decide to make android games in 2018. A good way to start off the year right? well..I came across a few fast tracking solutions for some common issues in android game development, which lead me to write this tutorial.

    The thing is that that you don't actually have to start from scratch, but this is a personal choice since some developers are purists and don't actually mind the development process from start to Finnish. I'm not one of those developers, I'm lazy but ambitious.

    By the end of this tutorial you will know how to get your mobile web games in the android market and compete with professionals and established companies like King Games.


    ##-A good understanding of web app publishing

    -Construct 2/3

    -A client such as [Filezilla][2]-(for uploading multiple files at once)

    -Server- I recommend [Bluehost][3][Godaddy][4] or [Hostgator][5]

    -Android Phone for testing

    -Android developer account

    -Admob account-if you want to make money.


    #-Build with Construct 2

    So you will build a game on the construct 2/3 game engine , Make sure that your game is mobile friendly, set your canvas size to the appropriate dimensions for mobile phones i.e portrait mode.

    -Export Html5 version

    When you are happy with the performance of your game then you can export to html5.

    -Upload to your server

    Now you are ready to upload the game to your server, drag and drop the file to your client, [][6]

    -Register with [Appsgeyser][7]

    then you want to choose a template that is easy to use, I recommend the Browser template or any web template that allows you to insert your web link on appsgeyser platform. Follow the steps and upload all required information ..i.e you icons and screenshots for amazon or google play.

    -Want to monetize your games?

    /[Appsgeyser apps][1] is a good and solid site that can do that for you! If you want you can also monetize your games with ad-mob. You can then build and download and test the APK to your heart's content.

    note: [Appsgeyser][8]has several rewards programs and contests , so you won't run out of options when it comes to making money.

    Just insert your ad-mob ID after you get a good number of people downloading your app.

    I hope this tutorial was simple and insightful , if you have any questions please drop me a line in the comments section and I will be happy to assist you! Happy Gaming!









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