How do I implement tracks / tred marks behind moving objects?

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  • Didn't see this in the forum FAQ. Just as a general best-practice question, what are some ways to go about implementing foot prints for organics and tire/tread marks for vehicles? I've included an example concept below:

    At first I was thinking some sort of bread crumb function that placed each new instance of the foot or track sprite in alignment with the object leaving the marks behind, but I'm very new to Construct and don't know of any way to get an object to "paint" a trail using some sprite or texture as it goes.

    Then I thought of using the particle system and just have each new particle stay put - no motion at all, but I think that would continue to kick out periodic tracks and prints even if the owner wasn't moving.

    I'm sure people have done this before, was just wondering what sorts of solutions people have come up with.

    Thanks much for any thoughts you have! :)

  • You will need a texture of trail for the sprite.

    Add 2 imagepoints for your tank or feet.

    Whenever it moves, use System > create object <trail> at imagepointX and imagepointY.

    Set its angle to your tank's angle.

    But you need to destroy them after certain time.

    Create too many objects will decrease your FPS.

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  • I appreciate the quick response! :)

    I'll give that a go. Out of curiosity, how do I keep control over the spacing between tracks when the vehicle or creature is moving at variable speeds? Is there a way to test for distance traveled, and drop a new sprite every X pixels?

  • You can Pick Last Created and set position of new born next to it.

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