I'm not able to get Pick By Evaluate to work ;-; im pretty new to this

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  • I am creating an array, setting it's instance variable, and then editing it.

    If I Pick By Last Created it works fine

    If I Pick by Comparison where array instance variable is equal to what I set it to before, it doesn't work.

    I've never used Pick before and I have a feeling this is a noob mistake ;-;

    I've attached a photo:


  • I am hoping to pick the array that with ChunkX=2 ;-; but it is not, I have looked at debugger and around a lot online trying to understand my mistake, even testing it on the pick tutorial example where it did work ;-; idk what I've done wrong

  • ok so pick by evaluate is like the best coolest picking !!!

    I'd need to see more of your code but

    I think what'S happening here is

    you need to wait 1 tick after creating an object before you can pick it !!

    it'S like

    one of those things that'S not really explained

    IF you want i could teach you all about picking in voice chat ??

    I made a bunch of picking posts on this forum but nothing beats a good 1 on 1 video chat on discord !!!

  • omg, adding a one second wait made it work O_O You're a hero, I don't have a mic right now or I'd like to learn more, I'm also pretty close to figuring out infinite terrain generation today or tomorrow and I gotta see it happen cx

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  • try not to use "wait" events in your code because it can become a nightmare when there's bugs to find out what'S happening

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