How do I use hover over/other selection methods with object that gets destroyed and created?

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  • Hi there again,

    I was just wondering if anybody had expirence with the function as described as abouve.

    Essentially, I have a few objects that I can hover over and click. Not all can be clicked mind you. when they are hovered over they change colour with the set colour effect. When one is clicked. They are all destroyed and then recreated with new data. This is when the problem occurs. Essentially all the objects that are then subsequently created have the set colour effect enabled. It is only after a mouse move of the targeted object do things go back to how they were.

    All the best,



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  • Post your c3p file containing your project.

    It will make it easier to investigate and be able to accurately point out what is going wrong between what you did in the project and what you are expecting out of it.

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