Hierarchy and the Physics-behavior

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  • What is the correct way of pinning physics objects together at the moment? Is it recommended to use the hierarchy feature? It kind of seems to work when I use hierarchy, but for some reason collisions seem quite unreliable.

    I'm building a wheel of fortune and attaching little pins to the edge to indicate different sectors in the wheel. Those pins rotate together with the wheel but they don't seem to collide very well with the "picker" (the thing that shows the result of the spin).


  • You don't want to use pin or hierarchy with physics. Physics only works properly when all movement (by physics objects) is only handled by the physics behavior.

    In your case I believe you'll want limited revolute joints, or perhaps a distance joint of 0 on an imagepoint would work.

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  • Thanks for your reply!

    I ended up creating an image point at the edge of the wheel for each pin and then pinning them all to their corresponding image points using a distance joint. Now the collisions work much better.

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