How do I make "Hello, (Insert Name Here)" style text?

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  • I'm working on a turn-based virtual pet/monster raising game, and I want a feature where an assistant character tells you the status of your monster at the start of the turn (if you've ever heard of Monster Rancher, that.)

    I store the names of both the player and the monster in string variables and I have a set of objects related to the assistant's dialogue, but I cannot figure out how to make the assistant's text box both have written text in and call upon the name of the monster.

    I can set it to just say the name of the monster:

    I can set it to just say dialogue:

    But I get an error when I try to use both.

    Is there a function or expression to let me use both? Or is what I'm trying to do just not possible in Construct?

  • you need to use the & symbol to concatenate the two parts together

    MonsterName & "Looks great!"

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  • Good Lord, thank you! I knew it was going to be something right in front of my face, lol.

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