Having trouble properly leaving and re-joining a Signalling server

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  • Hi there, I have a chat room i'm working on and it's going pretty well thanks to help I have received, but i'm at one of the last important features for it to work right.. gracefully exiting the server and then the ability to come back into it..

    As it is I have a keyboard event and when that's triggered it fires off:


    I have tried a few other combinations, but it just seems like the only situation that triggers a true "disconnect" is if the peer closes the browser tab the chat is in.. any other attempt to leave exits, but fails to update the signalling server that the person has left on their own and to remove them from the list AND insure they can get back in.

    Anyone know if this is even possible? even the example from Scirra doesn't have a means to gracefully quit. Only to close the browser or navigate out of it.. or refresh..

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