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  • I have some issues with Google Play.

    First: I can't integrate Google Play plugin for achievements - there is login window every time I start the game, but Achievements don't work, as well as "List achievements" action.

    Second: in GP dashboard there is this warning:

    ACTION REQUIRED: Your automated publishing to Google Play will stop working on December 1, 2019

    Your app is using an old version of the Google Play Developer API. From December 1 2019, versions 1 and 2 of this API will no longer be available, and any calls to these versions will fail. Update to version 3 before this date.

    I'm using r177 and C2 runtime


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  • I tried clearing data of game, clearing data of Play Services and reinstalling the game, but achievements still don't work.

    As of API version, is it caused by Construct, or official plugins like IAP and Google Play. Or is it because of third-party plugins?

  • The warning refers to "automated publishing to Google Play", and AFAIK Construct doesn't support automated publishing - you still have to publish manually. So it doesn't sound like anything to do with Construct. Maybe Nepeo knows more.

  • Okay, I just don't know what exactly "automated publishing to Google Play" is, but if it doesn't affect manual pulishing - it's ok.

    And about Game Services - any idea why it doesn't work? I linked the game, added plugin (it is also linked when I open Game Secrvices app on my phone) and as I mentioned, it always offers me to sign in when I start the game, but achievements don't work, and "List achievements" action doesn't do anything.

  • Your problem with Achievements is likely related to having the incorrect signature for your APK in the API console. If the signature is wrong the sign in dialog will appear, and then immediately disappear without logging you in. This is a "security feature" of the Google Auth API.

    If you created your keystore using the tool in Construct then we would have showed you the signature of the keystore at the time. However, if you are using "Google app signing" then the signature will change when you upload the APK to the play store.

    You don't have to publish your APK to the store to test that this works, but the APK must be signed with the keystore that you specified when setting up G Play Games.

    The other issue sounds related to this. We have already updated to the new newer billing library in Mobile IAP.

  • Nepeo I also thought it was because of the signature, but if I go to Release management - App signing and copy SHA1 certificate and try to link app in Game services, it says "Package name and certificate fingerprint combination already exists". Did I do something wrong?

    P.S. I also added SHA1 of the certificate I'm using to sign the game.

  • Are you using Google App Signing with your app?

  • I don't remember. If I go to Release management - App signing there are separate App signing certificate and Upload certificate. I sign my game with Enhance before uploading it to GP

  • It was a long time ago, but at some point it used to work ONLY until I uploaded it to GP. I guess Google App Signing explains this, since Game Services was only linked to my private key. Now however, I linked same app with both keys (my private key and Google Play's key), but now it doesn't work neither when I install it directly nor when I install it from GP.

  • I believe the client ID is specific to the packageID/signature combination, so you shouldn't be able to create a APK that works with 2 different signatures.

    Yeah so basically if you choose the signature of your key it will only work when your doing local builds. If you choose the signature of the GPlay key then it will only work when the game is published.

  • If you mean OAuth2 Client ID - they are different, but I still can add same game twice (with different SHA-1 fingerprints), it's also what people suggest when using GP signing.

  • Application id is still the same though

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