Google play request hi-scores - Am I doing it wrong ?

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  • Hello,

    I have troubles displaying the high-score (best time) in the current Leaderboard.

    Here is my event sheet:

    But when I tap the button, nothing happens. Am I doing it wrong or should it be working ? (I'm Logged in and all the variables conditions are met)

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  • Still struggling...

    I've tried with

    On high-score request success -> display Leaderboard ID

    And now the Leaderboard opens (after like 5 seconds on the first try) but it remains blank and return this error: "no internet connection".

    I'm connected to internet, I'm connected to Gplay Games and I'm also using a different button to "show leaderboards" (without ID) and this one is working..

    I'm using a signed release not installed from Google Play, is that the problem ?

    Edit: Got it working, it was because I was using a number instead of a string in the variable for the Leaderboard ID...

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