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  • Good evening,

    I was about to publish my app on the play store via the Google Play Console, and I found this warning:


    Your app's current target API level is 28, but the minimum target API level must be 29 to ensure that the app is based on the latest APIs optimized in terms of security and good performance.

    Starting in August 2020, new apps must have the Android 10 version (API level 29) as a minimum target.

    Starting in November 2020, app updates must target at least the Android 10 version (API level 29).

    Tip: Change the target API level of your app. Find how. "

    I exported the app as a signed bundle, directly within Construct.

    As always, I set the minimum version possible to increase compatibility (Android 5).

    Can you solve the problem without decreasing compatibility by increasing the minimum version of Android?

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  • Be sure to use the latest release of Construct 3 :

    The API issue was a thing last year that has been fixed already.

    Make sure to keep up to date.

    Your error message indicates that the minimum version for Android will go up due to Google's own policy with API to use.

    So I'm afraid the answer to your question is no. This is not about Construct, this is about Google.

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