How do I get my golf ball to behave properly?

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  • Hi everyone -

    I'm trying to learn how to make games by working on a mini-golf game. However, I'm encountering some weird physics. I have the ball's collision box set to circle, and all the boundaries are immovable objects set to the bounding box.

    Sometimes, when coming in slowly and at an angle, the ball ends up not bouncing off the boundaries but instead just sliding along them, like so:


    You can find a playable version of the hole here.

    How do I prevent this from happening, or is this just something I have to live with?

    Thanks so much!


  • The problem appears to be the golfball's "spin". It's also a common event in billiards, so you're not experiencing anything out of the ordinary.

    When you hit an object, naturally it's going to go in the direction which it was hit. Basic Newton stuff. When the object hits something, it's going to bounce away at a similar angle. Again, basic Newton stuff.

    But spin is why the angle is "similar", not "same". What you're observing is the path of the spin's energy being redirected from the floor to along the wall. The ball is literally riding the wall because it no longer has sufficient forward motion to maintain kinetic motion.

    I might not be using the right terminology, but "losing escape velocity" didn't sound right either.

  • In the physics settings you can prevent rotation or use the angular damping factor to adjust the speed at which rotations slow down over time. Have you already tried adjusting these settings?

  • Thanks for replying!

    Turning off "Rotation" makes the physics super wonky (it will only end up going at 90 degree angles now matter how it bounced) and my value of 10 for "Angular Damping" seems to be the most accurate. Lower numbers don't solve the issue but cause unrelated problems.

    Here is a link to my game's .c3p file in case it's helpful:

  • Hi all, sorry for the bump but I still haven't been able to figure this one out and would love to see if there's a solution out there. See above for game file.

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  • Last time I promise, then I'll let this die! Really hoping someone else has experienced this.

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