Going crazy about the audio problem [SOLVED]

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  • While I was creating this post I've solved the problem, that's why I'm keeping it. It's both me and a BUG in the editor. So maybe devs could take a look.

    Since all other assets work fine with drag & drop, I've assumed sound would also work. Apparently, sounds you drag & drop on the project, even though it brings up the "import sound" panel, doesn't work. So going back to the user manual after few times, just tried the "official way" and it worked. You have to right click the "Sound" folder in Project Bar and click "import sounds". Then it works.


    original post:

    Hey guys, I'm a newbie around here. I've finished the very first tutorial (top-down shooter) and just wanted to spicy it up with extra stuff.

    I'm trying to add audio, but nothing seems to work. As far as I understand it's as simple as 1. add Audio object on layout 2. create a condition (mouse click) > add Audio action "play", and that's it, right?

    But it doesn't work. I've tried with wav, mp3, webm files. None of them works.

    I've tried on two different computers. Started a test project from scratch, nope. I've even opened a beginner example project with sound. The project sounds work, but when I try to import, it still doesn't work.

    Any ideas?

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