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  • Hi everyone, I don't understand how to make global only some instances of a sprite, I could use the global layer, the problem is that if I create a sprite on that level when I change layout that object has been destroyed and does not appear

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  • I think with a global layer you set it up beforehand, you don't create things on it during runtime to 'make them global' as you're describing. So you could create a HUD UI in the editor and then it's global on all layouts.

    The object is global, why do you need some instances global and some not? I would use different objects.

  • Hi unfortunately I don't need it for the HUD but for sprites in the game, there are several sprites with different instances, some should appear in the various layouts and some not, making the object global would be great, the problem is that I can't apply it alone to some instances, and as I said the global layer does not work because the sprites created from one layout to another do not remain, so I ran into a construct limit?

  • Yes global is for the object itself. If you want some instances to appear and some not then set an instance variable with two different values to distinguish.

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