Getting Function Icon to appear in Object Types section

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  • I'm following a capx example and I'm trying add a function to a project without any functions in it. I understand I add functions from the event screen not right clicking the object types. I get one, but it doesn't look like this. Also when I add mine, I don't have a Function object over in my Object Types like the project example has.

    Functions are something I've not done much with so I just trying to make sure I follow their example step by step to insure it works.



  • This shows in their project, but me adding a function doesn't result in a function showing up over there.

  • that example is using the old function type. That was a plug in that would show up under object types.

    the new function system is built in and does not show that way, because it is built in.

  • ah ok cool, hopefully i can decipher the logic then since i'm deviating from the old system a little.. but i think i get the idea. much appreciated to know i'm not missing some glairing step to make it behave like that. you rock! :)

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  • and advise on how i should structure that in a way that is "the same"? this is the group for this. especially the script inside the trigger event. it's making reference to a "Self.Text & newline & Function.Param(0)" but i'm not sure how to phrase "Function.Param(0)" in a way that the new function system works. This is a chat program example i'm drawing from:

    it has a capx example that i'm working through now to adapt into an existing project of mine.

  • with the new function you add named parameters. Then you use the named parameter as a local variable.

    so if you add a parameter to your function called LogText, then the line would be:

    Self.Text & Newline & LogText

  • awesome i'll give that a shot. thanks so much for the insight! functions have always been something i've tended to avoid (like arrays) but i'm glad to have something that forces me to use them and better understand.

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