Getting Background Audio to work in iOS

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  • Greeting! I'm working on a mobile app which allows you to mix different droning noises/sounds that loop. I'd want the sound running in the background. The "Play in background" toggle on the stock audio plugin works somewhat in Android but, as some may know, does not fly on iOS. I've also tried this addon for the heck of it but no dice.

    Since the build service only allows certain cordova plugins, I'm trying to weigh all of the options here. The two plugins supported by the build service that seem to apply here are:

    I see current options as the following. Any other ideas?

    1. 1. Use an alternate build service, with cordova-plugin-background-audio. This plugin is enabled by default, so perhaps it would not require an addon.
    2. 2. Request cordova-plugin-background-audio be added to Scirra's whitelist
    3. 3. ($$$) Buy the suite containing chadori-mobile-background if I can confirm it would fit the use case.
    4. 4. (I've been down this rabbit hole before and don't want to go back) Editing index.html config.xml and config.json to add the cordova-plugin-background-mode-2 plugin and Javascript to enable it. Is there a way to talk to a plugin like this in C3 just to toggle enabling it, without using an addon?
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