Force the game to periodically update in the background.

Example Files

runinbackgroundaddontest.c3p (50.01 KB)

Just a quick test for the addon and testing the one condition and the one action.

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1.0 (Current)
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1.0 Stable (13.04 KB)



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  • Was looking at this for a potential solution to get background audio for iOS. If added to the project as an object, it's enabled by default. I'm assuming I'd need a different solution for iOS background audio.

  • not running in the background when you minimize the application, the timer is supposed to tick, but timer not ticking in the background.

    • Run in background works within the limitations of the C3 runtime.

      When in background the time scale is set to 0 and it only ticks whenever the browser accepts to let it tick. Depending on the browser, this can happen around once a second.

      You will need to work around that until a better solution is found.

  • This is amazing! It's so useful for people not using the official multiplayer! Thank you so much!!