How to generate an apk in Construct 3 so that the apk gets maximum performance!

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  • Hello, I always used construct 2, now I'm trying to migrate to construct 3!

    HoweverI am not at all satisfied with how my project is getting after having generated the APK in construct 3!

    The performance of the apk is amazing!

    For comparison I generated the same apk but in construct 2 and the difference is huge!

    Starts with the size of the apk!

    In construct 2 generating a debug mode apk without compressing and without incripating, the size of the finished apk was 350 kb!

    Already using C3 to generate the apk with the same settings the apk was 1,200 kb in size!

    In terms of performance, the same is true!

    The apk generated on the c3 was giving light beats, different from the generated on the C2!

    Maybe it is some configuration I left to do in C3, if someone can help me I will be grateful!

    The project I used for the tests was the bird flap!

    This project is available on the c2 and c3 as a demonstration!

    If anyone knows what the setting is to make a simple game that lighter and more fluid, please help!

    The phone used in the tests was a galaxy note 9 and an S10 plus

  • Hello,

    I don’t have an answer but I gathered some info down below that’s about a current problem, would be interesting to here if you are experiencing the same issue.

    If I understand correctly, the problematic app-file is made with construct 3?

    Also, I interpret the text as there are more problems than just size.

    If you read this post:

    Do you have similar performance problems?

    If so here is a the issue in the chromium bug tracker:

  • Yea! is the same choking problem in the apk!

    The developers of scirra could work better on the performance of the final APK!

    Because the result of the current one is disappointing!

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  • Yeah, I can imagine, I don't have an android device but I feel this issue is a big problem. It could be that it is a chromium problem and not a Construct problem.

    If you go to the bug tracker you can that it seems like more people have the same experience, it is good to add a comment or start the issue because that might help with getting the problem solved quicker.

    Here is the bug tracker link:

    If you feel like it, it would be good to tag this post with #android, #webview, #apk

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