Use gamepad when preview layout in Chrome?

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  • How can I use a gamepad to control the game when previewing the layout in Chrome? I have tested with some of the gamepad templates, and I haven't been able to control any when previewing in Chrome. Should this work when previewing in Chrome? or does it always have to be exported?

    I am using a USB Xbox controller and a wireless Xbox 360 controller.


  • Assuming that you have the gamepad object added to the project, chrome will automatically detect it. I use a wired X360 controller all the time in preview with no issues.

    Try creating a simple project with a gamepad and text object and use:

    Gamepad 'Has Gamepads' - Set text to "connected"


    And otherwise, look for the term "Gamepad" in the Start page to find all the examples working with the gamepad.

    And be sure to read the manual article about the gamepad object.

    "Unfortunately whether or not a specific device is supported depends on a lot of factors, including the operating system, available drivers, and the browser's support. This makes it difficult to know in advance if a specific device will work. The XBox 360 controller works out of the box on Windows systems with the Google Chrome browser. The Playstation controllers do not typically work without installing third party drivers since it is not officially supported."

  • Adding to Kyatric's comments. The vast majority of controllers that I have tested do work without issue. I just finished a project for remapping controllers and used X360, Switch Joycons, Switch SNES controller, and various generic controllers with no issues.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    I did read through the manual before I posted. I read that an Xbox 360 controller should work without issue, but it was not working in preview.

    I am testing using the official Scirra templates with gamepad tag, so it's not my own code that could be at fault.

    The templates work with gamepad in export but not in preview.

    The gamepads work with Stadia and Steam and Epic... Not sure what could be preventing it from working with Construct's preview.

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  • Definitely works in preview, sounds like it could be an issue with Chrome. Are you using Windows or Mac?

    Try this page and report your results.

  • thanks for the reply calminthenight

    I am on Windows.

    I went to the website, it recognized the controller. and then i tried a template in preview and it worked. so it sounds like Chrome was having an issue of some sort yesterday when I was testing.

    speaking of Mac, is there a way to get the xbox 360 controller to work with Chrome on Mac?

  • A genuine X360 controller should work on Mac in Chrome I believe.

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