How do I get Game Recorder to work with MPEG/h.264 codec?

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  • Hello C3 community,

    can you guys record your screen/game with the Game Recorder and MPEG/h.264 codec? If I open the Game Recorder example project and change the codec settings to "MPEG", the screen will not be recorded.

    As long as I leave the codec settings on "auto" or "Webm" (auto is in my case Webm), the Game Recorder works fine ...

    The point is, I want to edit the video further in After Effects. And guess what, After Effects can't import Webm files =(

    I know I could convert the Webm file to mp4 with free online tools ... but the easiest way is to record direct in MPEG.

    Hope someone finds a few seconds to answer, thx.

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  • It's only supported if the browser supports encoding in that format.

    You can check the supported encode formats in Construct's 'About' dialog, or using the Is audio/video format supported conditions in Game Recorder.

    AFAIK, the only browser which supports h.264 encoding is Safari 14.1, which is not out yet (it should be out early next year).

  • Ah, hi Ashley,

    thanks for the enlightenment.

    What about the desktop version fo C3? Found some infos on this site. I downloaded the precompiled binaries "ffmpeg.dll" an put it in the NW.js directory of C3, but still no MPEG support.

  • The desktop build is basically the same as Chrome, and supports the same formats.

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