How do I fully go offline using Multiplayer?

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  • I've made a simple test programm with three buttons.

    Push Button 1, it connects and logs into the signaling server.

    Push Button 1 again, it discconnects from signaling server.

    Works fine.

    Button 2 should be a host.

    Push button 2, it joins/creates a room.

    Push button 2 again, it should leave the room.

    Now it does all that but i have a simple check that prints me every second some status texts for these four cases:

    Is host

    is in room

    Is connected to signaling server

    Is logged into signaling server

    So i can see if i'm still one of these things.

    First when not have done anything, Status shows me that i'm none of these 4 things. Then i connect to signaling and login and it tells me i am connected and logged in. I decide to host, join a room and i'm all of these 4. Then i use either the action "Diconnect" under "Room" of "Leave Room" under "Signaling" and it still tells me i'm host. Even when i'm connected to signaling or being not connected. I can try what i want but i still remain being a "host" now.

    Is this a bug or is this intended? When it's intended, how can i be not a host anymore without closing the game?

    This really bugs me out because i try what i can and events get messy because the events "Is host" and "Is not host" are then hard to use or get still triggered when i just want to be offline/not a host.

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