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  • Hi, my character has the ability to strike during a jump.

    So once the jump animation starts, if I press a key, it switches to the air shot animation.

    The flying shot animation has 3 frames

    When I activate the shot while the character is descending the animation is fast, but when I press the button during the ascent of the jump, the first frame lasts until the apex of the jump, while I would like the animation to run fast. How can I solve?

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  • Probably you have an event to show a jump animation when character 'is jumping'. You'll need to modify the event something like 'is jumping' but 'not attacking'. You can't have 2 animation events true at the same time or they'll conflict, probably what is happening here. When you descend 'is jumping' is false so the attack animation will play.

  • That's it! I had already put this condition in the other animations, idle and running, and I hadn't thought of including it in the jump, now it works thanks a lot!

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