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  • Hey, just wondering if anyone got a plugin or easy solution for frame blending? I don´t need anything fancy, just instead of instantly switching from frame 1 to 2, blend over with opacity over a set time. I know it´s doable with events obviously, but it requires creating extra temporary Sprites on top with fade behavior and I feel like it could lead to a bunch of annoyances in the long run. Or I could create the animation as a sprite Animation and just have this play but that also feels a bit meh, especially if I end up changing the sprite and having to redo that animation.

    Maybe I´m overlooking some easier solution? Or maybe someone has the sudden urge to write a behavior? :D


  • Fading sounds like a good idea. On fade start, spawn the the same object under itself and set the animation frame to self+1. On fade end, start the next fade.

    For a looping animation you can use a conditional expression to set the next frame to keep it compact.

    If you need persistence, use an invisible helper sprite as the base object.

  • Yeah that´s pretty much what I hoped to avoid but it´s the best solution so far. I actually don´t even need to blend a continuous animation, it´s more a change of a state. Basically my objects can have several different states and when the state changes it should not just pop into the other state instantly.

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  • You can try having the base object persistent and change immediately, but spawn a copy with the previous animation frame on top of it and fade?

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