Failed to open project folder please help

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  • Hi everyone.

    So I'm working on a game for my FYP and today I tried to open the project and it says "Failed to open project. Check it is a valid Construct 3 folder project."

    The last time I opened it successfully was on 9th March and I exported it to a debug apk. I haven't touched it since that time so I don't understand how it became invalid.

    I'm not familiar with game developing and programming stuff so hope somebody can help me with my problem.

    Thanks in advance.

    google drive link to my project folder


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  • It looks like there's a bug in Chrome that causes it to fail to access files in folder-based projects that have '~' in the name. You can zip the whole folder and open it as a single-file project successfully, so you can use that to work around it. Then you should be able to rename anything with '~' in the name to not use that character any more, and then save it as a folder-based project again.

  • I tried two methods to convert the folder to a single file,

    1. zip the whole project folder,

    2. zip all the files inside the project folder (eventSheets, images, layouts etc.),

    then changed the .zip file to .c3p file and both methods failed.

    Am I doing it wrong?

    Or is it anything to do with OS?(I'm using mac)

  • Method 2 is correct: you should zip the folder contents, rather than the folder itself. In the zip, the files should be at the root, not in a subfolder in the zip. You don't need to rename it to .c3p either, it should still open just as a .zip. That's what I did with your project and it worked.

  • Okay it worked, and I found that mac creates a subfolder inside the zip whenever I zip something so Construct 3 couldn't open the file. I managed to zip it correctly using google drive anyways.

    Many thanks!

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