How do I evaluate a map created to mimic my own map?

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  • Hey everyone,

    A bit of a strange question, but let's say I have a level. This level consists of 2-3 tilemap objects. These tilemaps are layered on top of each other to create the visuals of the level. Standard stuff.

    However, the player is given a mechanic similar to Mario Maker; where you have some buttons these buttons are basically walls, floors, doors, etc... and the player has to reconstruct a simplified map similar to the original using these tools.

    A few notes:

    * The player does not need to make the map detailed. So for example let's say we have a room and in it there are 4 walls, one with a window. There is a floor with a table on it, a chest and 4 chairs. Then there is a door. The player doesn't need to replicate windows, tables or chairs. But they need to replicate the chest.

    * The player isn't using the same tileset to recreate the level, they are using a different one.

    * The player can modify any "tile" in their UI that is set to one thing if it is mistaken.

    Now based on the above, how do you reckon I should go about this? One way I thought about this is to create an Array file and then manually type in the tiles in each index and then for the player create an Array object and add the tiles based on index. However I quickly realized this is VERY error prone. Because I could easily miscalculate the tile or in a huge map (60+ tiles) it is easy to forget or get lots as to where you were looking. Specially when the editor doesn't have any kind of "numbering" on it or any such thing.

    So how would you recommend I do this in the easiest way possible while not making the process too error prone?



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  • It seems this question has already been asked!

  • It seems this question has already been asked!

    Really? Could you link the question and answer because my searches yielded nothing like what I want to do.

    Note I am not looking to compare between two tiles and find them equal or not. I am also not looking for how to compare between two arrays.

    My question is how to save data from tiles in a non-error prone way that I can compare with data pulled from a different source (not tiles but actually simple sprites) and do this in an easy and non-error prone way.

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