How do I evaluate latitude and longitude of Geolocation plugin?

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  • Hi Devs,

    I'm new to geolocation concepts and usage and I'm trying to find out how to evaluate latitude and longitude using Geolocation plugin.

    So this is what I did.

    On Start of Layout -> Watch location

    On location update -> Evaluate if Latitude and longitude are equal to X and Y (X and Y are mi fixed values)

    So the problem is the accuracy, I can't make latitude and longitude be the same number to know if I'm in the location requested, so my question is: What's is the proper way to evaluate location? If accuracy always varies how do I set a range of values to know if I'm within an area (like 50 metters around the actual position), what's the precision I should be using?

    For example, If my location is at 30.23011 -100.23023, what range of numbers should I use to give it a tolerance range to find the location (+/-0.001)?


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