How do I ensure 2 conditions don't overlap each other in implementation?

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  • Hi! Currently, (with reference to image) I am trying to use text content of SpriteFont to execute my commands. However, whichever choice I make when I preview my project, it always ends up with the first command, and completely skips the second even if I choose the text which fits the condition.

    So then, how do I make it such that when I choose the relevant SpriteFont, it will bring me to the relevant layout?

    Thank You :)

  • You probably need to pick the spritefont object. You say you choose the spritefont that fits the condition, however, I do not see any choosing happening in the events. How exactly are you choosing it?

    Right now all spritefont objects in the layout will be picked, that is why you always end up with the start game (simply because it comes first in line) Basically you have to know what spritefont object is currently selected and pick it inside the "on z pressed" event.

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  • Ohh I see, I think I got it!! Thankkkk you :)

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