Where would i edit the project to center a non-scaled web game?

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  • Hi there, I was trying to poke around inside a given html5 export and trying to figure out where i could do something like

    P { text-align: center }

    css command to just insure that the game is centered on the screen.. vertically and horizontal would be nice but horizontal for sure.

    I'm disabling fullscreen mode, but noticing that it's left aligned when this is the case.

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  • Try enabling Unbounded scrolling in layout properties.

    Also, see this article:


  • yea scale integer is good, however my concern was if my layout is 1024x768 (xvga) i was concerned a large enough monitor would scale up to 2048, 1536, but i just tested on my 27" imac (pre-retina) and it didn't get large enough so i suppose that should do it, i ju

    That article i've read before but it's really focused on mobile/screen shapes.. i'm actually making a website using C3 so i just wanted to see how i could position the canvas inside index.html

    I'm super rusty with HTML and never got well acquainted with css. However the integer option should work well enough for now. :)



  • Also i'm curious if there is a way to detect if the browser is mobile vs pc.. i'd like mobile to scale to but have fixed resolution for pc..

  • Check out Platform Info object.

  • ah that's great. i can see some ways i could probably work around it but i take it that "project properties" can't be changed from a runtime state?

  • what i'm trying to achieve would be to have the screen be full screen letterbox on mobile, but on pc / mac have it be in integer letterbox.. but i'm not sure how to reach that level of the project.

    I'm trying a few things but between scale and canvas size i'm still not having luck.. if i turn scaling off then the project appears left justified..

    integer is generally great but for smaller mobile screens i'd like them to take advantage of full screen while i prefer pc not fill screen because if pixelation.. i'm making the art specifically for 1024x768


    i'm not super concerned about mobile friendly design.. but i thought if there was an easy way to do full screen for mobile, that would be helpful.

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