How do I easily add square hitboxes?

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  • I don't know what I'm really doing wrong but my character / playerbox gets stuck on objects randomly. I've noticed if the hitbox of the object isn't perfectly leveled (top and bottom), it "catches" a lot easier.

    I've also noticed if I click one of the hitbox's points, the top X and Y values in the bar don't update. I have to fudge the point around and then it'll update. Then click on the next point and fudge with that, too.

    Is there a way to just create perfectly leveled squares for hitboxes? Going through each object one by one and deleting all the excess points, then fudging with every corner to update and align the coordinates takes a long time.


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  • When setting collision points, you can right click and set to bounding box.

  • Yep, I know that one.

    But that takes up the entire box. I mean like drawing a smaller box more precisely.

  • The easy way would be to pin a second invisible helper object as your collider, and just make the entire object smaller while using the bounding box.

    Otherwise, manual entry, for each image point...

  • I realized that I could actually set up/enable the grid, enable snapping, and snap the points precisely to the grid. Now I have very clean squares / hitboxes.

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