How do I dissociate sound and music?

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  • Hello,

    In the game the game there is a background music and some various sounds.

    In the "option menu" I put two button, one to stop the music and one to stop the sounds.

    The problem is if I use a "sel silent" it silent everything, not oonly one of the two.

  • i didnt get what you are saying. If you want to silence only one sound, I do not think it is possible with the set silent action, you can understand the reason by looking at the description of the set silent action. When you use the set silent action all the sounds you hear now will be silent and you will not be able to hear the new sound. So instead of using Set silent action you can decrease volume to zero by using the action set volume or you can stop sound action. To stop a particular sound use "tags"

  • The problem is everytim i change layout the music start again at the begining.

  • If you want to Pause the music between layout try this.

    For first layout

    For second layout

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  • Hey mathie!

    I made a simple example showing one of the ways you can control sounds.

    Download Example

    Just check or uncheck the sound or music and see they playing or not playing. Click anywhere to change layouts.

    In this one I used a dictionary just because I'm using buttons (ckeckboxes) as controlers and, since I use the same button for every group, I chose to use dictionary as I can dynamically set the key I'm changing.

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