How do I dictate the project folder path in iframe related expressions?

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  • It's really simple I'm trying to use an iframe to navigate to my project directory which has webpage files in it and have iframe show the webpage at runtime.

    However their is no documentation on using expressions to dictate a file path in construct 3 .

    Like is it file://game-project-name//index.html or http:game-project-name//index.html or something else

    why is this not documented properly gosh sake with all the options for file path dictation this is silly, rule number one -> frequent improving documentation is the best documentation and it can be fun and artistic too even if you don't need documentation it's still important to have full as possible documentation and never stop until you reach the limit including adding solutions to many common or uncommon problems and possibly going further then that preferably.

    I love construct 3 and scirra by the way.

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  • Okay with AJAX.LastData I'm able to do it I may have been confused about something , so create an ajax object , request a project file and then ajax -> on completed show the htmlsting in iframe .

    It just means I have to edit my html/css the external browser way , I may have missed a important detail.

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