How to deal with tablet's UI swipe gestures and browser games?

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  • I finished a game where you basically only do a lot of swiping. Today I decided to test it on an Android tablet, on a browser. And it occured to me that the game doesn't work well in combination with a tablet.

    When you swipe the far left of the screen to the right, it goes back one page, forward when swiped on the far right. And then there's the bottom swipe which leaves the browser app altogether. The top swipe isn't a problem because you won't go there since the navigation bar and tabs are there.

    So, how do you guys deal with this? For now I can only think of a 'safe' area where you can swipe. But I prefer to apply this to tablet devices only, although I'm unsure if that's possible?

    Also does this behavior also work like that on Android phones? Since I don't own any, I'd be greatful if you could tell me.

    Of course another solution would be to pack it into an app, though I was thinking of licensing it to a HTML5 publisher, so it probably needs to be a browser game.


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  • I'm thinking a safe area is the only real solution for this. Disabling gestures doesn't seem like a good idea nor do I think Android will allow it - in this case I wouldn't wish for it.

    I am wondering though.. how do I know how large these 'trigger areas' are? Other than trying out myself with trial and error. I tried searching for it but I couldn't find any results. Are these trigger areas set to fixed, or do they have a responsive width, and how wide would the width be in pixels/percentage.. that's the kind of information I'm looking for.

    If anyone knows, or has a link, thanks!

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