How do I customize textboxes? (resolved)

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  • Hi everyone, so I'm stoked that I was able to get the chat room example out there to run on my website, however my website is meant to feel like an old BBS. I want to make a chat room, but it a few key things:

    1. the dos font i'm using throughout the website and scale it to insure it fits

    2. not have any borders, I will add my own ASCII art around it to create that illusion.

    3. have a solid black background in the text entry boxes

    I can't seem to find where i can control any of this. instead I have a vanilla white box with a fixed font and no way to even set the font size or color, etc.. Just need overall control of the various visual elements that make up the text boxes both reading boxes and text entry boxes (like entering user name, and

    Also regarding the chat server that exists.. where would i go to make my own independent server? what would be involved with that?


    this is where i'm at with it so far.. working on fleshing out the various sub categories.. very much a WIP..



  • I could see though maybe using a text field like i did for the other stuff but i have a slightly different issue, which is that the keyboard object doesn't really have a type feature I'm aware of.

    The only thing I could see is literally make 26 events that capture all 26 letters of the alphabet and then more for numbers.. maybe even getting into shift keys for characters.. so all that seems really unwieldy. maybe there's some feature i'm missing that could do this?

    It would just be really messy to keep updating things that way.. but i guess that's a way to do it. i'm imagining there's a much smarter way to do it.. heh :)

  • at this point i'm just manually defining each key stroke as a specific character.. lord this will be a lot of conditional crap.. lol.. but it does seem to be working for the most part.. just tedious..

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  • is there a way to subtract the last character from a text field? in other words, i want to have a working backspace.. so i imagine each time i hit backspace i'm refreshing the text minus one character removed from the end..

  • Ok yea i pretty much answered my own question at this point so i'm closing it out and starting a new one specifically asking about how to subtract

    For anyone who comes across this, TL;DR - if you want a custom text field to type into that is fully customizable, or at least a lot more than a generic text box object.. you make a text box with sprite font support and simply define each key as a separate event:

    what this is doing is basically added a new character to the ones already listed.

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