can CSS style sheet access Construct 3 custom fonts? (resolved)

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  • I'm trying to use a custom font. these work fine in other things like the text object, but i am trying to get this same font into the peerlist (list) object which has to be customized with CSS properties.

    i'm wondering if that is exposed to the peerlist object.. i tried to just call on the font name but no dice..

    I'm so close to getting this chat room looking totally sweet. thanks in advance for any insight you might have.

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  • Ok figured it out. for anyone wanting to do this, the key is using a CSS style sheet. don't let it intimidate you. it's not that bad.. basically:

    1. import your ttf font

    2. add a stylesheet in the file area

    3. past something like this in there (in my case i had a list i wanted to customize and it not be clickable

    #mypeerlist {

    text-align: left;

    font-size: 30px;

    font-family: Perfect_DOS_VGA_437;

    user-select: none;

    cursor: default;

    pointer-events: none;


    4. watch this video, he explains it mostly. the only thing he leaves out is actually showing the font importing part.

    5. just make sure the #mysheet matches the tag in the object you want to effect (without the #)

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