Crrate object – origin is not in the right spot

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  • Hi everyone.

    I ran into a problem which i cant solve. I'm creating a simple shoot'em up for fun and I can get my bullets to keep spawning in the right place.

    When the player ship is right in the middle it works:

    (blue bullets coming from the middle of the player ship)

    However, when i move the ship to either side, it seems like to origin is not staying in the same place and the bullets keep spawning more and more to the side (towards center of the screen).

    The same happens on the right side too:

    It happens when i control the ship using both keyboard and touch. But it does not affect pinned objects (they stay pinned in the right spot all the time).

    Anyone know where the problem might be?

    Thanks for your help!

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  • May be caused by parallax or z-elevation. Are bullets spawned on the same layer with the ship, and with the same z-elevarion value?

  • That was it! Thank you! The Z elevation was different. You just saved me from a massive headache :)

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