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  • I have a particle effect called Steam that I want to play when a user clicks on an event.

    I want the particle effect to appear and be centered on two image points on a sprite. The image points are called Image Point 1 and Image Point 2.

    I currently have:

    Touch > On any touch start > steam > ???

    Any ideas how to implement this?

    Thanks all :)

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  • In my opinion, why don't you add imagepoint3 ?

    If you really want to do that, there is a solution :

    var dist = distance(Sprite.ImagepointX(1),Sprite.ImagepointY(1),Sprite.ImagepointX(2),Sprite.ImagepointY(2))/2

    var angl = angle(Sprite.ImagepointX(1),Sprite.ImagepointY(1),Sprite.ImagepointX(2),Sprite.ImagepointY(2))

    Create Steam at

    X : Sprite.ImagepointX(1) + dist * cos(angl)

    Y : Sprite.ImagepointY(1) + dist * sin(angl)

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