How Do I Create object for 10 sec then STOP

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  • Hello,

    I am very new to construct so any kind of help is highly appreciated..

    My problem is :

    Every X sec System Create object:

    After this how do i Stop the System creating object Like after 20 sec.

    How do i stop object to be created..

    Very much stuck into this, maybe a stupid question , but really need help on it.

    Thanks bold text

  • Hi :)

    May be you can try every 1 sec create an object, also add value 1 to a variable

    If you need to stop after 20 sec, then check that variable value, stop the routine if reached or equal to your max sec eg.20 which you defined on another variable.

    Well... i think there is many other way.. using Timer maybe ?

  • - Add a variable that called timeForCreate = 10 (or 20)

    - Every tick : Subtract dt from timeForCreate

    (dt is deltaTime)

    - If timeForCreate > 0

    (Sub-condition) Every X seconds -> Create Object

    So the time will countdown, and when it still larger than 0, it still creating object every X second.


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  • Dear Sir, Thank you for the suggestion and showing the exact way to perform the action, really thankful to you both , Thanks

  • Another way is to put the create object event into a group and then deactivate the group after 20 seconds.

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