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  • I used construct 4 for years and after paying for construct 3 after 1 year without using the engine I have a problem that I think is silly, but because they have few topics and I check other projects and use the same solution as me, but in theirs work and in mine I'm not opening this forum asking the community for help.

    Well what would be my problem?

    I'm basically using "Create" to generate some ships in my space shooter

    something basic I just want the enemy ships to be created on my screen in different positions, but it is not happening even if I check in old projects of construct 2 or tutorial or even in other projects, nothing works.

    as I can’t send photos it’s kind of difficult, but I’m waiting for help from this exceptional community.

    thanks to everyone who helps me!

  • We would need the photos of the events otherwise there is nothing to help with here. Creating an object at random is fairly simple though, you can create an object at an x,y co-ordinate and for the value you can put random(x,y) which chooses a value in a range.

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  • how can i send pictures?

  • If you want the ships to be created at a random position on the layout it could look like this:

    Notice that the 0 and LayoutWidth are separated by a comma and not a dash as it is often handwritten. Without photo's or more explanation it's very hard to tell what may be the problem ;-;

  • I struggle myself with posting photos as I am new and for some reason this icon seems a bit chaotic if it will post or not:

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