How do I create game like Zume Deluxe?

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  • Hello Constructors

    I wanted to create game like

    Zuma Deluxe

    showing in image

    If there is any tutorial, Capx file or something else please let me know or if someone guide me related to it, i would be very thankful to him. I have searched alot but couldn't find anything, there is just small intro in Construct Forum but 8 years ago.

    Your precious reply in this regard will highly be appreciated.


    Nobody's going to do all the hard work for you, unfortunately.

  • Yeah you are right i have seen that post also which you quoted.

    But i think there are very intelligent and smart developers who have done this game and have idea with this how to do it.

    As we are the newbie with construct and have limited knowledge with it.

    So i wish there will someone who guide and help us accordingly.

  • Hi,

    I had a partial go at figuring out some pointers on how to do a game like zume.

    First you need a way to move objects on a path. While there are many ways to do this I settled on needing one that will let you specify the distance along the path. Then you just change this distance to move the object back and forth. Another benefit is we can compare the distances with other objects on this path and know the order of the objects on the line. This is for pushing and seeing how many of the same color is in a line.

    The second part is inserting a free moving object onto the path. I ended up doing it with a dot product of the difference of positions of the objects and the angle of the path. It works well and pushes the other objects out of the way. However it's more of a snap, you'd want more of a smooth and fluid transition. As I write this I think it could be solved by calculating the perpendicular distance from the path and changing that to 0 gradually, as well as making the pushing of other objects be done till 0 too.

    Anyways, just some ideas. This is not a tutorial, more just implementing some ideas that may be useful for others.


    made the balls join the path more smoothly.

  • Hello R0J0hound

    Friend you are just awesome! you did it amazingly, half of the game logic you did it...

    The smoothness of ball movement, the balls adding in the queue, all the things are very awesome.

    How to reverse back the balls if in mid the balls are matched and destroy? also how to match and destroy the balls....

    if you give a try it i will be very happy and thankful to you.

  • You can make them go backwards by subtracting from the d variable.

    I wasn’t planning on implementing the matching since I wasn’t planning on making a complete game. Just the interesting bits.

    The d variable gives an order to the balls so an idea would be to populate an array with the values and see if there are any runs of 3 or more of the same color. There are other methods I’m sure.

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  • Outstanding!

    I will give it a try and if i get any problem i will must come to you for help.

    Thank you very much..

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