Do I crash Mobiles with every tick?

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  • Hello,

    does anyone have experience with Mobiles and every tick event?

    Should I set every tick as low as possible or doesnt the phones even care about?

    Example to refresh the text money or waves. Is there a better time I could use?

    U can still see a delay even on 0.01 seconds.

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  • Every Tick events should not be a problem. If your game feels bloated using groups and deactivating groups to avoid processing unnecessary events is the best way to optimize your game.

  • In standard development, every tick is not supposed to be something that is always used. It is only supposed to be used for gradual movement or something that needs to check or run for a period of time or continuously like smooth movement or listening for a variable/state change.

    The reason to this is that it is a waste of CPU resources especially on Mobile where there is a limit of computing resources. We have a few great ways to avoid unnecessary computing like Functions, Group Disable (when not needed) and Separate Event Sheets.

    Functions/Triggers are the best way to make events. Disabling Group of events are essential to non-used events in an event sheet at a given time, this will skip events and save computing time whether it is a trigger or every tick.

    The answer to your question is "NO", it doesn't crash mobile devices. Applications have a lot of safety checks nowadays that even JavaScript errors don't crash the application unless it is a Cordova problem. Although, it is a must to only use every tick if essentially needed and make sure to deactivate non-used events, to make your project more efficient.

    Have a nice day and happy game development!

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