Couple of questions regarding Kahoot-style online multiplayer.

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  • I've been looking around, and I struggle finding a concrete answer on the best approach to certain challenges with online.

    1. Is there a "best way" to make a login system for a single session style game? Host generates password, peers join game. Life moves on after game's over.

    I see some recommend the photon plugin, but it's C2 only? What's the best C3 based approach?

    2. Is it safe to rely on Scirra's signalling server, or is it common to make your own server? This is for a client gig, I don't see it taking much traffic.


  • Hi all,

    Just wanted to *bump* this because I am interested in the same thing.

    Also, i'll add some resources to get the conversation moving:

    1. I also saw that Photon may be the easiest way to do this? Not exactly sure why this is the case though. And it also looks like the plugin still works on C3 (based on 's comments at the bottom of this tut page).

    2. The multiplayer plugin also seems like a good bet. I found Ashley's 'Online multiplayer in Construct Game Dev Course'. TBH I have yet to read through it, but it will be the first thing I look into, because it uses the C3 native multiplayer plugin.


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  • Your password would just be a randomly generated string that would be used as the room name, created by the host. Others would use the same string to join the room.

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