How do I make a complicated boss fight?

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  • so for the final boss of my game i am hoping to make both projectiles, blast attacks and regular sword swipes. (this is a top down game btw, a top down shooter)

    i know how to do the projectiles and blast attacks, but the thing is what i would like is for the boss to sometimes chase the player, then stop and shoot some projectiles, then chase again.

    also, what would be nice (but entirely optional) is to sometimes have it so the boss slowly walks towards the player, then rapidly dash towards. another thing that i am hoping for is that if you are near the boss too long it will an aoe blast attack.

    any ideas on one of these, or maybe even if you know more than one please let me know!

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  • You need to define a list of boss action phases.

    0: Idle

    1: Shoot

    2: Chase

    3: Dash

    4: Sword


    Then you can set the phase will happen based on the HP of the boss for example.

  • thanks, so it would be like

    BossHP less or equal to 70 - Create Object (Projectile) at Image point 0.

    only questions are how would i do this since i cant do greater than or equal + lesser than or equal since that would make the boss do this attack forever and cant be equal since some weapons do more than others. maybe i will make a timer to make the boss do certain things at certain moments.

    sorry for being an inconvenience, but also how would i make it so that it stops chasing, since i believe bullet behaviour will always chase. maybe i can use a move to behaviour

    sorry and thanks

  • You can use a trigger once to run the attack one time. To stop it from chasing you can disable its bullet behaviour or alter speed.

  • ok thanks :)

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