How do I compare google achievements?

  • Hi all, I am trying to use google achievements as a way to save game progress across multiple devices.

    For example, 'if achievement 1 is unlocked set var hasPowerup to true'

    I have the achievement set up in google play console, it has # = 1 which I assume is the index required for construct.

    And I have the event to unlock the achievement set up, using the correct id. This works in game, and shows up on the google achievement menu.

    I just cant get the following events to trigger:

    on achievement list fail

    on achievement list success

    I have the following events:

    Google play on loaded -> sign in

    Google Play on signed in -> request list of achievements

    Google Play on achievement list fail -> Text - append - fail

    Google Play on achievement list success -> Text - append - fail

    Does anyone know if this should work or is there something blatantly wrong??

    Thanks in advance!

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