How do I compare google achievements?

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  • Hi all, I am trying to use google achievements as a way to save game progress across multiple devices.

    For example, 'if achievement 1 is unlocked set var hasPowerup to true'

    I have the achievement set up in google play console, it has # = 1 which I assume is the index required for construct.

    And I have the event to unlock the achievement set up, using the correct id. This works in game, and shows up on the google achievement menu.

    I just cant get the following events to trigger:

    on achievement list fail

    on achievement list success

    I have the following events:

    Google play on loaded -> sign in

    Google Play on signed in -> request list of achievements

    Google Play on achievement list fail -> Text - append - fail

    Google Play on achievement list success -> Text - append - fail

    Does anyone know if this should work or is there something blatantly wrong??

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi BronzeBeardGames,

    I'm very curious about how you could solve your problem! Could you? This topic is 11 months old and there is no answer from no one... sometimes I wonder if this plugin is used at all...

    I am answering now because we have to face the same problem - we can't find a way to use the achievement list. It seems always to be empty.

    The worst of all is to find no information if this is expected to work or if this is a years old bug.

    If someone can give some information, please leave an answer here or contact us directly on dev rosasoft at de

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