How do I collect player emails

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  • Hey smarter people than me,

    I am building a game for a non profit, and I'm wondering if it's possible to have a scenario where a player can put in their email address to get free coins, turn off ads etc.


  • It's absolutely possible, but if you've never done this before it's not exactly an easy task. The gist is:

    1. You create a textbox input for the email
    2. You send whatever is in the textbox to a server via AJAX

    There's a bunch of things to think about, like what if the player types in "asfdsagsdafdsafdsafds" and sends it? What do you do with it once it's on the server? A database perhaps? What if a player is evil and starts an SQL injection attack? What about privacy and stuff? Not to mention each question has more than one solution.

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  • There are two tasks here - sending information to some server, and receiving information about player status (free coins, no ads etc.)

    If you need a proper solution, you will have to set up a database on your private server, or use some service like Firebase.

    If it's a simple game and you don't care much about people cheating, you can send their email to a Google spreadsheet and just immediately give them free coins for doing that.

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