How do I close game on Android back button (without errors)?

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  • Hi guys

    I'm trying to close a game in a debug Cordova export on Android, and everything works as expected.

    However, I get this message (attached screengrab) the next time I try to open the app.

    As far as I can tell the software is updated, so not really sure what it means.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!

  • So it's not closing the game that gives the error, but opening it a second (and third etc) time that creates the error?

    Are you doing something differently the second+ time. Eg: Do you create system objects the first open, and read them on subsequent ones?

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  • HI graham-s

    Basically, I've noticed that when the project is wrapped up as a Cordova export, using the browser 'close' command will minimise the Cordova game. I can still see it when I use the Android square button to see what apps are open in the background.

    When I then try to open it again, it gives me that error.

    I'm not doing anything differently and everything functions ok on web etc.

    No really sure what this means or whether there is another method I should use.

    Thank you :)

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