How do I click on a specific word in a Text or Text Input object?

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  • Well I got no clue how this would be possible, but what my idea is basically; When the player clicks with the mouse on a word like "stick" in a Text/Input object's sentence, it gives him multiple options like 'break it', 'pick it up', 'destroy it' and then you could click again on 'pick it up' or any of the other options. And is there a way to highlight clickable words? This all would be doable in pure js and css I'm sure, but it's just not an option.


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  • You can't highlight the words inside the one text object and the click is based on the collision box of the text object. You could probably create an object on top of the word so it looks like you are clicking it but that would only be if its position is known as I don't think you could detect the location of the word in the text object and set the other object position to it.

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