How do I Clean a Slot ??

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  • Hii;

    I can't believe that there's no way to clear a slot when I go System ~ Save.

    I create a slot to save the hole state of the game, but then I can't clear that slot??? Is that right?

    If I want the user to click a button and 'Reset the Game' I would have to create a separate slot, and the one that's already created will stays there forever? Occupying memory for no reason?

  • Am I missing something??

    Doing this with LocalStorage is just an inconvenient amount of work if the project is big...

  • I've never heard of a button in a game that would 'reset the game', what are you trying to do? If you're talking about starting a new game then I don't see what that has to do with save slots.

  • Well, there's a 'savegames' template, I just used the same method: System.Save and System.Load. And ok, it saves and loads. But how would I clean that Save slot? How would I even delete that slot? For what I can see now, the only thing I can do is save and load... If I create a "mysave" slot, and I save the game in it, what will I do when I want to start a new game? Will I just create another slot and leave the "mysave" there? I can be missing something, but if I'm right, this is strange, don't you think?

  • You can create another slot if you want or overwrite that same save slot. Save storage can be deleted but not with game events, you would choose to do it as a user from the browser.

  • I can't overwrite cause if I press the button "New Game" and save to the slot, it will save the current data, which I'm trying to delete.

    It should be something like: NewGame.OnPressed() { clean slot "mysave" }

    And if I create another, the first slot will stay in memory forever??

    In the browser I can delete the save storage, but what about a mobile game?

  • Sorry I'm kind of mad cause of this x_x My hope is that I'm wrong and no, construct is not lacking this.

  • If it was a mobile game you would have for example a limited number of save slots i.e. visually represented as slot A, B, C then allow the player to save to slot A. Then when you start a new game and save you would give them the option to save in slot A and overwrite the previous save game or save in slot B or C.

  • All right. I'll try later, cause I have class now, and let you know what I got! Cheers plinkie!

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  • Whenever you start a new game, DO NOT load, just go from "level 1" (of your game). Whenever the player saves it, it'll overwrite the "older" save.

  • Yeah, there is no "delete save slot" action (nobody knows why).

    Workaround is, as mentioned above, start a new game in existing slot and overwrite it.

  • Yeah, there is no "delete save slot" action (nobody knows why).

    Workaround is, as mentioned above, start a new game in existing slot and overwrite it.

    You can virtually do this, but yes. The "data" will remain until overwritten. Imo, no need to delete.

  • Sorry guys but I'm not understanding this.

    In the initial screen I have a button "New Game". When I press this button I just wanna begin the game again, as if it was the first time I'm playing.

    But I don't get it. How will I know in the next layout which slot I should load?

    And NoSoul8 , how do I start a new game in existing slot? If I can just save and load the mothafucker?? If I do NewGame.Pressed() { save to slot "mysave" } I will just be saving the current data (which I'm trying to delete) and not creating a new one... The "delete save slot" should for god sake be there!

    Did you did this in sove previous project? Can you show the events, or explain the logic?

    And thank you very awesomely!

  • The point is that when you press New Game it should go to an initial state of your game, nothing to do with loading or saving to slots.

    The info you need to provide is how does your game save, when should it save? If my suggestion of the save menu doesn't apply then how are you doing it?

  • What I wanna do is simple. I have 4 actions in the title screen:

    But it just don't works. Tried everything I can think of (which was not much).

    I just can not see a way of doing this with just this 2 actions available, System.Save and System.Load.

    I actually do not give to the player the option to save, the game should save automatically in the right slot.

    But frankly,

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