How do I Clean a Slot ??

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  • You can just save and it will automatically overwrite existing data. I do it all the time.

    But man, if the player has just gained 1 coin in game, if I overwrite, this 1 coin will be saved. I want to delete the current data, not to save it. That's what I've been saying the hole thread, and asking how to do.

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  • I've added +3 to this.

    I suggest you create a new thread in general discussion with a link to the idea and this thread.

    It will let more people see it.

    Great! Indeed great. And yes, I'll do this! Thanks NoSoul8 B)

  • > The feature to delete a save slot is missing, but you can work around it by using LocalStorage to track which slots are in use.

    Still have no idea how to do what I want, after reading your tutorial on savegames and another in how to use LocalStorage.

    It's pretty straightforward. Any time you write to a save slot, also write a LocalStorage key with the same name. Just set a dummy value like "true" or 1. If you want to check which slots have been saved, you can do things like iterate keys and check if keys exist with the LocalStorage object.

    You can't really delete savegame slots, but you can just delete the key from LocalStorage. Yes, the savegame data is left behind, but a few kb of data left behind (probably later to be overwritten) won't really affect anything. And since the game uses LocalStorage to tell which save slots are in use, if you delete it from there, it will act in the game as if it was fully deleted.

  • I ended up using LocalSotorage with arrays, dictionaries and variables, and ignoring the System Save and Load. It works fine :) Took me some days and frustrations and lots of unnecessary code and some 'delete everything and start all again', but yes, it's done :)

    Wanna thanks Ashley and NoSoul8 and and Cassianno for helping out! You're awesome! Cheers! :)

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