How do I Check if dictionary has a word?

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  • Basically what i am trying to do is:

    What already done:


    Ajax my Realtime Databases and request info ( works fine)



    Ajax LastData output will be like:

    "Json": {









    And a Dictionary will load (Works fine)

    What I need:

    I will text a text on the textbox like (e.g. Water) and compare if the dictionary in one of it keys have the value "Water"

    And then call a Ajax using each key that have the word "Water" Like:

    Ajax: Tag:"load" // url: MyDatabasesUrl&"/"&Dictionary.currentkey&".json"



    Sry my bad english

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  • You can repeat Dictionary.KeyCount to check Dictionary.Get("" & loopindex) that contains your keyword or not.

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