How can I make a character move on a path?

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  • I have to make sure that the character moves in the yellow road, if I click with the mouse at Y200 or Y400 or 800 for example, he has to reach that distance, but always staying in the path. I have never used the "pathfinding" behavior, if I have to use that, can you tell me how?


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  • You can set multiple invisible dots on the path.

    The id of the dots is count from 0 til the last one.

    The player will have the current ID to know which dot is next.

    So every time player hits next dot, it becomes current dot.

    Then move the dots that equal currentID + 1.

  • Hi,

    thank you for your answer, but to tell the truth I wanted something more complex, so I had already thought about it but it would move in jerks, that is in several straight lines, instead I would like it to curve to give a visibly more pleasant effect.

    do you have an idea how it could be done? For example, I could insert a code that says that depending on the height the direction of movement changes, but how?

  • Have you considered the car behavior with waypoints? The driving template has details and there are several nice tutorials.

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