How do I change camera target ?

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  • Not sure if this was answer already or not, but i need to change camera to new object, old one gets deleted and simply changing camera to new object or adding it to the every tic block didn't work either


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  • If you are using ScrollTo behavior, simply disable it on first object, and enable on the second. (only have one object at a time with ScrollTo enabled)

    If you are scrolling with events, you need to post a screenshot of your code.

  • from start in on fase1 but need to be change to fase3

  • Add ScrollTo behavior to fase3 sprite. Disable it by default.

    After you destroy sprite fase2, add "Fase3 ScrollTo set enabled" action.

  • Create an invisible Sprite called "Camera". Give it the ScrollTo Behavior

    Give the camera an instance variable called "FollowUID"

    Create a family for objects you might want to follow called "Followable"

    Every tick Pick By UID the Followable object you want using the camera's FollowUID variable. Set the camera's position to that object

    This is nice because you don't have to give the ScrollTo behavior to every object you want to follow. Also, you can do effects with the camera like a smooth follow behind the character. Also, you can sometimes have the camera move independently of the character or stand still. This method gives you a lot of control

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